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There are foodies and there are gourmets. One enjoys the taste while another enjoys everything from the smell, to presentation, to the food textures. While there are umpteen options for foodies, there are very few options for gourmets. And that is why we have CAPSICUM. CAPSICUM is a multi-cuisine restaurant tickling the taste buds of Amdavadis. We believe that even before the taste of food comes into picture, there is a supreme level of love and devotion towards food that wins forever. We serve this love with perfect blend of taste and refreshing presentations amid a serene and cozy environment. So, if you are a gourmet or the connoisseur kinds connecting with CAPSICUM is MUST. Even our name is all about food. Whether you sit sweating the small stuff besides the pool or sit pondering upon the beauty of life under the trees, CAPSICUM shall surely give you a lead to your answers. With spacious sitting arrangement and unique buffet concept CAPSICUM serves a lavish spread of multi cuisine, adjacent to the beautiful Swimming pool. The Live interactive kitchen adds up to this ambient restaurant. We will stimulate your taste bud with different delicacies from authentic Indian, Continental, Chinese, South Indian, Punjabi, Awadhi and Mexican cuisine by our expert chef which will want you to comeback craving for more. Our focus is on integrity of the food, its flavor, hygiene and quality allowing the food to speak itself. At CAPSICUM you can savor the flavors of sumptuous delicacies beside the pool under the beautiful night sky and for those who prefer life really loud and big, CAPSICUM hosts the cheer, fun and frolic with parties, live music, performances and more. Needless to say, we cater the love of food in a way as individual as you. Truly feast for all senses.

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